Personal Well Being, Relationship Satisfaction & Career Development

How often do you wonder a version of: is this "it"? At some point, most of us begin to question material signs of success because their allure fades. Instead, we sense that something's missing. What path have we taken to reach this point? Like a loose thread, familiar routines start to catch our attention, and even worry us. Or make us tired. Or confused. Or distracted. In these moments, we may even find that the future no longer excite us.


Taking stock may uncover that something's changed for the worse:

  • an occasional insomnia that becomes constant daily fatigue
  • the reflection in the mirror now startles us with what we notice
  • the days run together in a blur of sameness
  • relationships feel stuck and problematic

A major issue can be that you've not taken enough of the right kind of time for yourself. If you genuinely want to put some balance back into your life, then maybe I can help you with stress reduction, staying open to relating with others, understanding your personal creativity, and putting your work or career into a larger, life-enhancing perspective.