New Book in August 2018

My new book came out in 2018. It deals with various elements of male alienation across the life span, although I focus especially on the adolescent and emerging adult phases of development. It is available now from my publisher Routledge, and also on Amazon.


Listen to a January 2019 interview about my book here.


Here is a longer interview about the book from February 2019.



Many of us notice how much time so many boys and young men spend online. Questions now arise about the effects this has on real-time relationships.


An article I wrote in 2015 about clinical issues resulting from problematic use and misuse of cyberspace was selected as joint winner of the Michael Fordham Prize.


Images of Apocalypse

This file donated to Wikimedia by the Met, NY.
This file donated to Wikimedia by the Met, NY.

Part of the book explores when apocalyptic images overtake the male psyche. This often occurs in states of extreme alienation.


Loneliness is not unique to any gender. When some boys and men are lonely, they might enter a spiral of brutal isolation and terrible emotions. These can be risky periods of instability.