The Psychological Effects of Immigrating

Released September 2022

This newest book I have written discusses how immigration experiences experiences affect a person's life story as well as their mental health.


I look at this complex topic through research about immigration from psychological, historical, and economic standpoints.


I also explore Virgil's classic work The Aeneid as an archetypal tale about moving to a new place. Such moves are usually fraught with detours, adjustments, unexpected events, and obstacles. The persistence of immigrants and refugees is a testament of their resilience and their hopes for fresh beginnings.


I write about how immigration affects children and adolescents as they come to understand their current home while also holding on to where they were before they moved. This process is frequently full of surprises and challenges because children have to learn new languages, customs, ways, and approaches to education and beliefs about families.


Traumatic events

I discuss how we as human beings cope and adapt to trauma, especially when we are relocating to a new place.


Recent Reviews:

Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, vol. 17, pp. 97-100.

Journal of Analytical Psychology, vol. 68, pp. 453-456.


Why is xenophobia on the rise? Immigrants and refugees contribute far more to societies than they need back. Xenophobia is a form of othering and scapegoating, often used to create wedges for political, social, and economic advantages.

What Is Missing and Why?

Stories about immigration often are missing critical details and information. I explore reasons for how this happens and the consequences for children and grandchildren who can feel that the stories of their parents and grandparents are full of gaps and holes.